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Blood Gas and pH Analysis and Related Measurements; Approved Guideline–Second Edition, C46A2
standard by Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, 02/01/2009

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This guideline is a consolidation of six CLSI documents and projects. The Area Committee on Clinical Chemistry andToxicology concluded that CLSI's constituencies (professions, government, and industry) would be better served with theproduction of a single document that retains the essential information from the six original documents, while making it even morerelevant and useful. It addresses blood gas, pH, and related measurements (eg, hemoglobin and hemoglobin fractions, oxygencontent, hemoglobin-oxygen saturation, electrolytes, and selected metabolites) as measured in blood. It defines terminology anddiscusses performance characteristics as well as preanalytical variables and analytical considerations. It also addresses qualitycontrol issues.

This guideline consolidates and updates previously published CLSI/NCCLS documents C12-A–Definitions of Quantities andConventions Related to Blood pH and Gas Analysis; Approved Standard; C21-A–Performance Characteristics for DevicesMeasuring pO2 and pCO2 in Blood Samples; Approved Standard; C25-A–Fractional Oxyhemoglobin, Oxygen Content andSaturation, and Related Quantities in Blood: Terminology, Measurement, and Reporting; Approved Guideline; C27-A–BloodGas Preanalytical Considerations: Specimen Collection and Controls; Approved Guideline; and C32-P–Considerations in theSimultaneous Measurement of Blood Gases, Electrolytes, and Related Analytes in Whole Blood; Proposed Guideline; andunpublished CLSI document C33–Practical Blood Gas and pH Quality Control.Sections of another CLSI/NCCLS document H11 also are included; however, H11 will remain a separate document, because itscontent is of interest to a broader audience.

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