AWPA N2-00

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Composite Wood Products, Preservative Treatment by Nonpressure Processes
standard by American Wood Protection Association, 07/01/2000

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This standard provides information on specificnonpressure treated composite wood products, without theuse of trade names or manufacturers names. Productslisted in this standard are categorized using species orspecies mix, preservative type, adhesive type,manufacturing process and use class. All of these factorsplay an integral role in determining the performance of thefinished product in specific applications. Users of thisstandard are urged to consult closely with themanufacturer of the treated composite to ensure it meetsthe criteria listed in section 5 of this Standard, Tables 5.1.1to 5.1.6.

To be listed in this Standard, manufacturers ofNPTC wood products must complete a data package andhave it evaluated and offered for ballot to NonpressureSubcommittee N-5, Composites. To prepare for thisprocess, candidates are directed to the procedures found inthe appendix of the AWPA Standards Book, titled?Guidelines for the Evaluation of Non-Pressure TreatedComposite Lumber Products, for consideration by theAWPA.? Successful completion of this process wouldresult in a listing in the Standards.

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