AWPA M13-00

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A Guideline for the Physical Inspection of Poles in Service
standard by American Wood Protection Association, 07/01/2000

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This guideline is designed exclusively for thedetection of defects affecting the serviceability of standingwood poles. Its intent is to serve only as a guide to poleusers in the design of specifications for their ownparticular systems. Sampling techniques dictated by pastexperience, importance of lines or structures, andeconomic considerations which are appropriate toschedules determined from references such as listed in thebibliography should be used. Serviceability should bedetermined from data collected as outlined in thisguideline and by applying such to the rules and regulationsunder which each pole user is required to operate. Mostutilities inspect poles on a ten-year cycle, but some extendthis cycle to 15 years in drier regions.

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